Trainings for Journalists

As a professional training centre the ems offers intensive classes and workhops that teach journalistic core skills as well as technical know-how to professionals in internet media, radio and TV.

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Beginners’ Classes: Journalism
Journalistic research, news reporting, and presentation skills:  The ems offers training for media staff with little to no previous experience. There are information-packed short courses as well as intensive workshops for broadcasting trainees, always with a special focus on practical exercises. One of the especially intensive programmes is XENON, the training platform for young aspiring TV journalists.

Professional Classes: Training for Journalists
How to be more creative, how to develop and tell exciting stories: journalists are always called upon to improve their skills. The ems offers trainings for professionals in all fields of electronic media.

Modular Training
All courses and workshops can be combined into modules. The ems offers teaching modules for radio, TV, and internet media.

This is a choice of broadcasting stations having taken advantage of ems trainings.

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